Thursday, November 6, 2008

Missing Kathleen

I received word last week that one of my on-line friends was missing. My first thought was that she was simply not answering e-mails or hadn't been communicating with anyone. Then I found out it was far more serious than that. Sheila "Kathleen" McBroom was really missing. Kathleen lives in Anchorage, Alaska and apparently never arrived for work on Monday. A few days later her truck was discovered, her wallet and cell phone still inside.

So the question remains, where is Kathleen? Her family has been frantic with worry, and I can't even imagine what they must be going through right now. Nothing about her disappearance seems to make sense. She had been looking forward to one of her daughters coming home for a visit and she seemed excited about what lies ahead for her.

Kathleen is such a positive, vibrant person that everyone who communicates with her has come to love her. Kathleen always has something positive to say about everyone and has always encouraged her friends in all of their endeavors. Now all of those friends are praying for her. We are praying for her safe return, and we are especially praying for her family in this difficult time. Hopefully they know that they aren't alone. We are all missing Kathleen.