Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Visiting BYU

Over the past several weeks, my 18-year-old daughter and I have been preparing to take her out to college for the first time. She set her sights some time ago on attending Brigham Young University. When it came time to apply for college, she only sent in one application.

Now, for anyone who knows much about BYU, they can tell you that it isn't exactly the easiest of schools to get into. Rumor has it that BYU turned down more students this year than Harvard. So understandably I was a bit concerned that she didn't have a plan B. I should know better than to second-guess Christina. When she wants something, she works hard and makes sure she gets it.

Once we received the good news that she made it in, we turned our focus to the decision about housing. We knew she would live on campus, but several options were available. She decided she wanted one of the cooking dorms for several reasons. First, she liked the idea of making her own meals and not having to pay so much for the meal plan. Also, the location of the older cooking dorms have the best proximity to the heart of campus. When she chose her room, she surprised me and chose the same apartment that I had lived in when I attended the Y. Different bedroom, same apartment.

Her first couple of days were spent in the traditional dorms when she began the late summer honors program. Then last Saturday evening she got to move in. Can I just say that I have never seen a Wal-Mart so packed as I did that Saturday night? College students everywhere, buying groceries and stuff for their rooms. And the official move-in date isn't until today. So beware residents of Orem and Provo. Avoid the stores (and the streets) today at all costs. The college students have arrived!

Luckily my daughter and I managed to get everything she needed (we think) and by the next morning she was all unpacked and everything was organized. Now comes the  hard part. Waiting to meet the new roommates. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they all like each other!