Saturday, September 15, 2007

That James Dude

Okay, I finally broke down and did it. I visited The Dashner Dude's blog to see what the buzz was about. The Dashner Dude, aka James Dashner, announced several days ago that he would give a free book to the first 30 people who link up to his site. I visited his site briefly only to be interrupted by the Verizon repairman and the ensuing lack of service for several hours. As is common for me, I promptly forgot what I was doing before the annoying interuption occured and got busy with the writing side of my life -- and trying to cut those pesky 20904 words from my latest novel for the audio book.

Today my daughter was reading over my shoulder when I finally visited the Dude's site once more. We both got a good laugh out of his latest escapades and my daughter got so excited at the prospect of getting one of his books we decided we had to take him up on his offer. So here is the link to the brilliant James's site so that you can all share the Dude's latest adventures and his completely unique sense of humor. Of course, you can read all about his newest books too.

By the way James, you can just autograph that free book to Christina, your favorite fan.