Friday, November 9, 2007

And the truth is...

Number 1, 2 and 3 are all true. Josi and Stephanie guessed correctly that number 4 isn't true, although there is a lot of truth in it. Since I worked for the CIA, I do have a lifelong secrecy agreement, but I only have to submit manuscripts and other things that I write that pertain to intelligence. My book, Freefall, which comes out in February, is the first book that had to go through the review process with the CIA. In fact, the reason my first books were about FBI and Witness Protection is because I could avoid this step!

As for the other statements, they are all very true. My sister used to be the personal assistant for the actor Bill Murray, so I have been to his New York estate and spent time with his family. While spending the summer in Caracas as a foreign exchange student, I usually had my foster sister carry my passport in her purse and twice we were stopped to show our papers. On one of those occurences, my foster sister was in a different car and the cops didn't believe that I was from the U.S. Even yelling at them in rapid English didn't completely convince them until my foster sister arrived with my passport.

As for the coke incident, it is completely true. I guess you could say I ended up Mormon because of a lie. One way or another, I'm grateful for the friends that helped me find my way into the church. I can't imagine how difficult life would be without an understanding of how much the Lord loves each of us.


Anonymous said...

hi traci,
you so tricked me :) i remember you saying how the CIA had to review your writing, but i didn't key in on it that it was not ALL. what a great liar you were here. you must be a fiction writer :)

good job.

the coke story is wild. so wild that i thought it had to be true. how old were you when you joined the church? teen or older?

so nice and peaceful how you ended your post. no greater gift have i been given than the church in my life. no greater sense of peace :) kathlene

Davis Bigelow said...

Traci, it sounds so exotic and exciting to have the CIA take an interest in your book. Perhaps it is more of a "big brother" thing, but I think it's wild.

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Wow! What an interesting life. It gives you so much material to write about. And I liked your coke story. It's such a refreshing conversion story. It reminds me of what my son said the day he was ordained an elder: "I bet I'm the only guy to get ordained while on drugs." (He was on painkillers from having his wisdom teeth pulled.)
Enjoyed your blog.

childlife said...

Ha! I guessed the right one without peeking! : )

CIA AND Bill Murray... you just have all the fun!