Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcoming 2008

A new year is here giving us all new opportunities to evaluate our lives -- what we like and what we don't like about how we are living right now. While many of us consider making new resolutions on what we want to change in our lives, I hope we also consider what we want to keep the same.

My resolutions for this new year are much the same as last year's. I want to write a new book (or two or three). I want to do a better job at cleaning my house (or convincing my kids to clean it for me). I hope to do a better job of having family dinners every night instead of just a few nights a week. I also want to strive to keep my life balanced, giving enough time to my family while I pursue my personal interests.

Thankfully, the list of things I want to change in my life is far shorter than the list of things I want to keep the same. I love the fact that my family sets aside one night a week to spend together. My teenagers may complain about it as often as not, but it really makes a difference in how my children interact with one another.

I also hope to keep the lines of communication open between me, my husband and my children. I have been so fortunate to have a great family that I enjoy talking with. So far my older daughters have been good about sharing most things with me (often because they're afraid I'll find out anyway and they know I'll go easier on them if they are honest with me to begin with!)

Another thing I hope to maintain throughout the new year is my commitment to help others. Over the past few months I have rediscovered the incredible benefits from serving and the way that I benefit from my service to others far more than those I'm privileged to help.

So as I consider the new year beginning, I find myself planning to improve where I can, but mostly I'll feel truly blessed if I can have another year like the one we are leaving behind us.

7 comments: said...

good morning traci,
great post. you are awesome, i hope you know that. you did such a beautiful thing, too, for the family who lost their little boys. you have been a little angel in their lives and couldn't help but rub some of it off into your life, too.

thanks for being such a sweetheart to me. i think you are cool.

blessings to you and your family in this new year, kathleen :)

ps. you rock!

pss. hi luke! he he. that was so cute when you wrote about that.

Anonymous said...

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Momo Fali said...

I told a depressed friend to go out and do something to help others to help get her out of her funk. There's nothing that lifts my spirits more than that.

ali said...

Hi Traci! Thanks for visiting my blog - I'd like to return the favor!

I enjoyed your post and found I can relate; particularly to finding enough family time while I pursue my personal interests.

That's great your kids talk to you - I bet you can keep it going!

Davis Bigelow said...

A great post Traci! I appreciate the reminder of how much of my life is good the way it is. Teenagers are so challenging! My best advice is to date your husband once a week - it'll help you remain sane. Happy New Year. said...

howdy traci,
hope all is well with you and fam on your side of the country. your book is almost out hon! can't wait :) take care girl, kathleen xoxo

Ashley said...

I like that...not only making a list of what we'd like to change but also what we'd like to keep the same :) Thanks for the idea