Saturday, August 16, 2008

LDSBA Booksellers

I admit it. The LDSBA Booksellers Convention was something I looked forward to all year. I pushed aside the guilt for abandoning my family for a week, got on the plane, and didn't look back. Well, okay, I did call and check in on the kids and my husband a few times...and I definitely remembered them in my prayers as I considered how lucky I am to have a family who supports me...but other than that I went out to Utah and played the whole time.

This was only my second time to go to booksellers, and I have to say that this year was even more fun than last year. And I had a lot of fun last year!

This year I was known as the author who wrote the pink book aka Royal Target. Kat Gille and Rachel Langlois (pictured above) are two of the people who put a lot of effort into helping my pink book come into being. Kat is my editor and Rachel does a great job on the marketing and promotion end of things.
Royal Target will be released in October and you can tell by the cover that it is a bit different from the other books I've written before. It's still suspense, but this one just feels more FUN than the others I've written in the past.

When I first saw the cover I was a bit concerned that the men would be hesitant to read the pink book, so I began telling people that "Real men read pink." It didn't take long before one of the real men at the convention decided to prove me right. Clint Harrison from Garden Gate Bookstore in Vernal, Utah sat right down and picked up the pink book. In fact, he had already finished the book by the time I returned home to Virginia. And yes, he liked the pink book. :) So spread the word! Real men (and women) read pink!!!!

2 comments: said...

hilarious pic here, too! you made me laugh. glad you had fun on your book trip. i am so jealous that ~D from my bookstore got to visit with you. i would've loved to have done that! ((smiles with ya))

the pink is growing on me. haha.

hi luke!

night night, kathleen :)

kura2025 said...

I am highly jealous of Clint Harrison and his sneak peak. I am a sucker for romantic suspense but I'm also very picky which sometimes makes it hard to find books I really like in LDS fiction (blame my writer/english major of a mother). Freefall is one of my favorites and I can't wait for "the pink one" to come out!!