Thursday, October 2, 2008

A new project

I signed up for Tristi Pinkston's Book In a Month Challenge...again... and I'm determined to succeed this time. I have done it before, written a book in a month. In fact, in one particularly productive spring, I wrote three books in three months. I did a complete rewrite of The Deep End in March 2006. The next month, in April 2006, I wrote Royal Target, which will hit the bookstores any day. The following month, I spent hours at the computer only to have Freefall (Feb. 2008) magically appear on my desk.

I look back at that particular spring and I'm amazed that three completed manuscripts were created in that short period of time. I also keep wondering what I have to do to recreate the magic that happened in those few months. I remember getting up early each morning, beginning my day at the computer around 5:30 or 6:00AM. I wrote for an hour or two, taking many breaks to get my kids off to seminary and three different schools. My son was taking naps at the time and he went down for a three-hour-nap each day. He was good-natured enough that he often played for an hour before falling asleep and let me rob another hour of writing time in the afternoons.

Although the days of my son napping are long gone, I have resolved to wake up early again and try to recapture that quiet time before my house comes to life...complete with sound effects. It amazes me how much more productive I feel when I get up that extra hour or so earlier and have some time to myself doing something I truly enjoy. Now if I can just find that magic again and hope my alarm clock and I can get along for a whole month.

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