Friday, August 20, 2010

The calendar lies!

It's official. My calendar is definitely lying to me. I've been helping plan my high school reunion. My 25 year high school reunion. If my logic is still sound, this means that by teenage standards I'm...OLD. But I'm not old. I don't feel old.

I've been trying to figure this phenomenon out for a while now. How can I be old enough to have a daughter in college and another heading there next year? How is it possible that I've been coaching high school swimming for fifteen years? Or that the young women I used to work with at church are now married with kids of their own or career women with a couple of years of experience behind them?

I can only think of one explanation. My calendar is faulty. And it's not just mine that's messed up. Every time I talk to someone who is around my age (and no, the dinosaurs were NOT roaming the earth during my childhood), I find the same sentiment. We don't feel any older, so how is it that everyone else is growing up so fast?

Perhaps it's because time is relative. And perhaps we really are only as old as we feel. I'm looking forward to seeing my old classmates, many of whom I haven't seen in 25 years, but I have little doubt that when I do, the years will melt away. My high school days will once again seem like yesterday, and those 25 years will become yet another example of the phenomenon of the unexplained passage of time.

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Lisa Hawkins said...

Just goes to show that we really are eternal beings having a mortal experience, to paraphrase an LDS Church leader (can't find the quote, sorry). Part of our being dwells (or longs to dwell) in eternity, where there is no linear time as there is here on Earth. To continue in the preachy vein (sorry, again), do what you can to preserve your health, or you will feel every year that has passed, although the spirit remains in its prime. (Voice of experience.) Can't wait to read your next best-seller! Enjoy the transition to autumn--Lisa