Monday, December 6, 2010

Coming up for air

Life has been crazy over the past several weeks as I wrapped up my book signing tour, started swim season and finished rewriting a manuscript. Now I'm looking forward to planning for upcoming swim meets, setting up more book signings in anticipation of Smokescreen coming out, and preparing for my nephew's wedding. Oh, wait. Isn't Christmas this month too. Yeah, I might need to do a little shopping before too much longer.

The good news is that my swim team looks great so far this year, a lot of great kids who have untapped potential and are generally fun to be around. Thanksgiving brought all of my family together, which was wonderful. Oh, and my books are now coming out on Kindle. Yeah! Here's are the links if you want to check them out:


Admiral Lily said...

I finished both Backlash and Smokescreen in less than 24 hours and they were wonderful! Of course now waiting for your next book is going to be even LONGER. :D I just wanted to let you know some thoughts I had on each book. Backlash: Loved it. Really. But now I've totally got to change the image of Kel in my head when I go back and read the other books. :D Smokescreen: So weird to see Kel only in a mention and not actually involved but I loved Quinn's story. I'd been waiting a long time for it. PS: You finally got me to cry with Smokescreen. A tissue warning should be heeded. :D Thanks again! Loved every minute of them!

swimmingviolist said...

I just got Smokescreen last week! I normally read your books right away of getting them... I'm reading Paul Cardall's Book called "When my Heart Stops" It's amazing! Read it! :D