Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sleepless mornings

I have to admit, I always get a thrill when I find out that someone enjoyed one of my books so much that they couldn't put it down until they finished it. Often, those comments come with the complaint that I kept them reading well into the night. If you have ever been in that situation with one of my books or someone else's, I completely sympathize.

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For the past several weeks, I've had a story idea coming to life that is moving like a freight train. One with a whistle that sounds regularly at 4:30am. Okay, admittedly sometimes it sounds a little later. Sometimes earlier.

The good news is that besides writing over two hundred pages in the past three weeks, I also submitted another novel to Covenant. I'm not sure about the title yet, but it is a spin-off from/sequel to Code Word. I had to find out what that key went to! Hopefully, I'll hear in a few weeks if that one will be accepted for publication. As for my current project, more on that later. My characters are calling again.

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Maranda said...

I am so glad that you chose to write Lock and Key. I personally had to know what that key went to as well. After reading all of your books twice I can now say that Code Word and Lock and Key are my ultimate favorites. I hope to one day own all of your books!