Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thermostat Wars

Every couple seems to have one person in it that is always hot and the other that is always cold. I sometimes wonder if the Lord planned it this way, sort of a test to make sure we can negotiate on the trivial stuff to help prepare us for life's bigger challenges.

Early in my marriage, my husband and I had the very logical discussion about how I should win this battle half of the year and he should win the other half. After all, if we kept the house a little warmer in the summer and a bit colder in the winter, it would help save energy ... and money. This wasn't to last however. After all, logic rarely wins out in relationships, especially once kids get involved. Believe me. My kids get involved...and they're on their dad's side.

I'm the one in my family that's always cold. I don't know if this is a result of growing up in the Arizona desert or genetics or just my own quirkiness, but I'm definitely prone to sneak over to the thermostat when no one is looking and turn it up by a degree or two. It never lasts. One would think that out of four kids, at least one would take after me. Not one. Everyone else in the house seems perfectly content to live inside a house that is just a few degrees warmer than a refrigerator.

You would think that with a background in intelligence I could win this battle, but no. I had to go out and marry someone who is both brilliant and observant (and constantly teaching our children to be the same.) These are the times when I have to remind myself that these are good qualities...just annoying sometimes.

Just how bad can it be? Fall is beginning and I'm already sleeping with three blankets instead of two. I'm rarely seen around the house without a sweatshirt on, even in July. I've even been known to keep an extra pair of socks in my desk drawer for when I forget to bring some downstairs from my room. After all, with a commute like mine I wouldn't want to have to would take a whole, oh thirty seconds.

So I sit here wearing my flannel pajamas, sweatshirt and thick socks and consider. The man who always wins the thermostat wars in my house is also the one who has to commute 90 miles each day for work. I only have to walk down the stairs. He actually likes the fact that I'm home to be here for our kids instead of being out in the workforce earning a second paycheck. He doesn't complain that the house is often messy because I spent all day playing with the kids or writing on the computer. He's supportive of my dreams, even those that seem out of reach, and often sacrifices to help them come true. Maybe this is why I really keep losing the thermostat wars. After all, what's a little sacrifice for the one you love?


Anonymous said...

morning traci!

cute post. just think how bored you'd be if you married a man who did not challenge your thinking skills. funny how your fruit of your loins do not side with you at all. last weekend when i made us delayed to go out to eat at our restaurant, i was so bummed/shocked that my 17 y/o daughter ratted me out to dad. she told him i was on the computer, that's why i caused us the delay. what? my sister couldn't back me up??? i will have to get her back. ha.

my mom and dad were soooo hot and cold. my dad was always too cold. my mom would tell me she was having some kind of nightmare where she couldn't move her legs, they were broke, or paralyzed or something. then she would wake up and see that dad had put like 15 blankets across the end of the bed ... basically cutting off her circulation or at least forcing her ankles to bend in unnatural positions. oh, it is making me smile remembering this memory of them (my dad died 17 years ago and my mom who i have never been close to ... we are actually doing pretty good in these last 2 years, especially this last 1 year ... people can change, it can get better). i know, a little off your subject, but i like how you got me thinking about a good thing here.

i am always tooooo hot! no matter what time of the year it is.

and your comments about your long commute made me snicker. i drive a half hour to work.

sharing my scripture of the morning with you. D&C 18:15 -- about the worth of souls, how great will be your joy if you bring one or more to God. so grateful someone got my attention 30apr2005.

thanks for the emails last night. and yes, i am shocked you would read a ROMANCE novel! ha. probably a good break for your brain occasionally. cool that you got to meet the writer and that she is wonderful, too. i like how even though you are a writer, you talk to me just like you are a normal person. you seem real and not stuffy with me. i like that.

off to another day at work with a back that rots :( bummer! when will this pass??? what is this adversity supposed to be teaching me? to not take it for granted? that i normally am painfree?? it will get better.

hope your day is great and that your feet stay oh so warm and toasty. kathleen

Joeprah said...

I hate thermostat wars. My wife generally wins because she is so TENACIOUS. She is also tiny so she can quietly changed the thermostat without me knowing. I personally like it the cooler side whereas she is fine with 75+ which means I will wake up in a pool of sweat and inevitably argue with her about how my sleep sucks when it is too hot and she scampers off to work...she is lucky I love her.

boogiemum ( said...

I can really relate to this! The same thing goes on over in the boogie household. In July, in Florida no less, I am walking around in long pants and a sweatshirt. My neighbors always give me a strange stare when I head out to the mailbox.

And I let him win for the same reasons as you stated. Lovely post!

Nap Warden said...

I am sitting here right now with a down blanket wrapped around me...I lost, again!

childlife said...

Awww... pretty sweet! There ARE some things worth putting up with : ) I always lose this one too.

Julie Wright said...

I am the cold one . . . or was until menopause. That's right, I'm 35 and in the middle of menopause. I always believed hot flases were a joke until now . . .
Your husband sounds like a cutie, in spite of the cold wars.

Avery Gray said...

Oh, Traci, Traci, Traci! No! Don't start making excuses for him! Any argument my husband tosses out in a "disagreement", I always trump with "I bore you a son!" 1. He can't top it, and 2. He knows better than to even try. Automatic win! Take it from me, and you'll be feeling nice and cozy in no time! ;o)

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Traci Hunter Abramson said...

I may be losing the war, but I'm still determined to win a battle or two!