Friday, February 22, 2008

My books are coming... week. My impatient self couldn't take it anymore. I had to call my editor about a question on my next book and I broke down and asked the receptionist if she could find out if my author copies of Freefall had been shipped yet. Thankfully, all of the people who work at my publisher are wonderful to me, and she managed to find out that the books were shipped out and are due to arrive around the 26th.

If nothing else, this buys my husband a brief reprieve of listening to me say, "I want to read my book!" Okay, I'll probably still be saying it, but at least I won't run to the window every time I hear a delivery truck outside.

I know this may seem odd to some people, but I really look forward to reading my finished novels. Even though I read each of my books dozens of times during editing, I always love the moment when I have the actual book in my hands and I can see what ended up on the pages. The transition from rough draft to finished product is often so subtle that I sometimes forget how the latest version played out, especially since the editing was finished months ago and I've long moved on to other projects.

Now if I can only wait until Tuesday....

3 comments: said...

hi awesome trace,

i want to read your book now, too!! i am so impatient, too. i would be going bonkers, too! i'll wait with ya!

you rock,

Annette Lyon said...

Eager to read it, too.

Funny, though--I've never read one of my own cover to cover. By then I have it practically memorized, and I don't have the heart. I will flip through it and read a scene her or there, but that's it.

Anonymous said...
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