Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They're here!!!

Yes, after weeks of waiting anxiously, my copies of my newest novel finally arrived on my doorstep. Ironically, the package was delivered when I wasn't at home. A friend had just started work yesterday and I had offered to watch her son so that she wouldn't have to deal with getting both herself and her four-year-old out the door during her first week. With this in mind, I spent the first part of the day at my friend's house.

I would love to say that this bit of service kept me from thinking about the impending arrival of my books, but I admit I had a few moments when I wondered if the UPS driver would think to put my package in a plastic bag to protect it from the falling rain. Thankfully, I have a very efficient UPS delivery man and my box was sitting on my front step in a large plastic bag when I got home.

I pulled the package inside, ripped away the wet plastic and rushed to my desk to grab a pair of scissors.... No scissors. Two pairs are usually in my pencil holder on my desktop, but both were missing. I pulled open my top desk drawer to find my third pair, the pair that I keep hidden from the rest of the family. Nothing.

Refusing to get annoyed at my children for borrowing my scissors and not returning them AGAIN, I pulled open my husband's desk drawer to borrow his. Again, nothing. Now, at this point I am wondering how I can have a family with six people in it and have four pairs of scissors disappear in a matter of a day or two. The only scissors I could find were the three pairs I had purchased at Costco a week before, all still safely guarded behind the thick plastic packaging. Of course, they didn't do me any good because I couldn't open them without... you guessed it... scissors!

Still too excited about my books to get annoyed at my children, I went into the kitchen for the kitchen scissors only to discover that they too were not where they were supposed to be. I did a quick search of the kitchen counters and finally gave up. Instead I ran up to my bedroom and found the last pair of hidden scissors.

Still wondering who in my family is hording the scissors, I opened up the package and pulled out my newest creation. The cover looked even better than I had imagined, and I am looking forward to stealing a few minutes (or hours) in the next few days to read my book and see how it turned out.

I just hope everyone else doesn't have this much trouble getting to a copy of my book!


Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Way cool! Congratulations! said...

hey trace,

i am stoked excited for you girl!!!!

and your scissor bit was funny, too. so not the right time for that. my girls take mine all the time, too. feel for ya.

but yayyayaya for trace!!! congrats hon, kathleen

Getty72 said...

What an exciting way to reveal your book. Your nerves must have been at their wits end by the time you unravelled the packaging! I always have the same problem with scissors - they are never where I left them. The problem I have is that I live on my own, so can't blame anybody else.... (Unless my house is!)

I'm not sure when your book gets released here in the UK, so will be sure to keep my I on so that I can get one shipped over.

Congratulations. And I wish you good luck with all your future books! I can't wait to start reading!!!

Warmest regards ~ Graham