Friday, January 8, 2010

Miracle of writing

Yesterday I wrote a guest blog for Tristi Pinkston as a part of her current Book in a Month (BIAM) challenge. She had asked me to write about how I'm able to stay productive as an author. As a result, I spent some time wondering how the miracle of writing occurs.

I admit that as a child, I dreamed of being an author. I can't say that I ever really thought about being a best-seller or being famous, which probably explains why I'm always surprised when someone recognizes my name or says they have read my book. This also probably explains why I've been able to continue to write without getting distracted by trying to become famous or a best-seller. I'm writing to please myself.

Okay, I'll admit that I'm hoping to please readers, reviewers and editors too, but I find that the people who read my books only inspire me to do better the next time. I have been truly fortunate that the reviews on my novels have been mostly positive. Even when my editors push me to improve my work-in-progress, they stress not only the weaknesses, but the strengths as well. As a result, it's relatively easy for me to identify what needs to be changed.

When I woke up this morning with my mind swimming with ideas, I found myself grateful for the friendships and associations I've forged through my love of writing. I'm also grateful that I'm able to do something I love even if I don't understand the miracles that occur when the inspiration begins to flow.

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